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We enjoy sharing pictures of our adventures.
Going forward, we will use Google's New Picasa Web Albums embedded slideshow.
The older Photo Gallery is still available.
Sometimes, one of our Video Stories is associated with a photo album.
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Albemarle Dash 2009Albemarle Dash 2009
Our sailing trip to Elizabeth City
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Spirit of Christmas 2008Spirit of Christmas 2008
The Spirit of Christmas celebration in Orintal, NC
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Friends and Adventure Nov. 2008Friends and Adventure Nov. 2008
Sailing with friends, and plenty of adventure
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The Great Whortonsville Race 2008The Great Whortonsville Race 2008
19th Annual Whortonsville Yacht and Tractor Club Race
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Pamlico Ramble May 2008Pamlico Ramble May 2008
Little Washington, Belhaven Cruise
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